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Sacred Raven Ritual Bath Soaks

As one of the many tools in your spiritual and self-discovery journey, we highly recommend taking a ritual bath is right up there at the top!

Taking a ritual bath is not just about soaking away in the beautiful herbs and aromas; it IS so much more.
By adding a ritual bath soak to your water, you send an invitation to the Universe that you listen to and desire a more in-depth knowledge and understanding. By adding your favorite crystals, prayers or mantras, and breathing exercises, you are adding a deeper intention to your knowing and experience.

Herbs and oils are natural medicine for the body and the soul.  Salts cleanse you and ease the tension in your body. The clays and milk add moisture to help hydrate your skin.

And with every soak, gemstone sand is added for the intention’s vibration—so many extra benefits aside from the ritual’s purpose.

A connection to yourself, an opportunity for grounding, a feeling of bliss and total relaxation, clarity, and relief are some of the many things you will feel when you bathe in ritual and intention.

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